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The difference in building this type of product is especially the detail and care with which fittings and accessories are applied, as well as the coupling system of laminates. For this kind of attentiveness, our products are completely compatible for the storage of food products that require close attention because of their high inclination to oxidation and perishability.

Systems, technologies, machines participate with determinant role to the production of an excellent wine that it is what the market rewards and that is associated to the brand of every oenological industry, marking the fortune of every single vintage year.

An excellent oil is the sum of multiple factors, a path through which storage tanks play an important role.

The company supplies also to the construction of ladders and walkways systems in order to allow the access to those involved in complete safety. Our technical division plans in independent way the adaptation to every system, realizing 3D models with the latest generation softwares.


From two generations the attention for the details, the reliability and the robustness of the systems characterize the entire range of the Guarnotta’s products, present from years in important Italian and foreign winery and oil mills.

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Guarnotta respects the criteria and the operating modalities applied in planning and managing the activities of monitoring, measurement, analyses and improvement necessary in order to demonstrate the conformity of the products and the services, of the system of management for the quality, but also and above all in order to improve continuously the effectiveness of the quality management system.

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We assure to all our customers a constant and personalized assistance and the guarantee of a punctual and efficient service.

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