• transfer entire or crushed grape, fresh or fermented marc.

The transfer of the product happens for compression and not by centrifugal force, so avoiding to break rasps and to tear peels and acinus.

These pumps are the best answer to pumping demands and they are particularly adapted for being placed under destemmer-crushers or winemakers.


  • pump case with elliptic rotor and conveying cochlea complete of hopper;
  • electric control panel according to the EC norm;
  • gearmotor at low speed for the transmission of the motion;
  • thermostatic PT 100 probe that detects the working temperature avoiding overheating in case of dry run;
  • wheel type undercarriage for displacement (fixed supports on the ground).

Pump cases are entirely built in stainless steel AISI 304 as the supporting frame.

Models from 150 to 500 hl/h

N.b. In order to guarantee an optimal and safe work, the device is supplied as standard with a robot system for the level of the product control, in order to prevent the starter or the operation of the pump in case of absence of the product.