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The department boasts of a vanguard equipment which, in symbiosis with highly skilled staff, ensures the achievement of a high quality product. All laminates are obtained from coils of prime quality steel, using an automatic cutting and flattening process controlled by PLC, with CAM / CAD system. The same ones are conducted, with automatic machines, in the successive processes of working such as the calendering and/or superficial finishing, such as flower patterning or satin finishing, in order to pass to welding processes TIG executed with automated robot, in inert gas atmosphere and nitrogen counterpressure, for a perfect penetration of the welding bath. Successively, the laminates, are finely passivate and satined in order to give a perfect aesthetic appearance of the manufactured product.

The difference in building this type of product is especially the detail and care with which fittings and accessories are applied, as well as the coupling system of laminates. This in order to avoid the presence of fissures or splits that can be centers of polluting bacteria for foodstuff, that, although try to satinize the area with special washing system and detergents, it’s not sure to succeed in vanquishing. For this kind of attention, our products are completely compatible for the storage of food products that require close attention because of their high inclination to oxidation and perishability, such as dairy products for example.

In addition, these tanks can be equipped with refrigeration interstices, created in-house with automatic TIG system; these are of honeycomb bossage type, tested to a pressure of 9 bar and individually checked for the necessary plumbing step.

The material that we usually use is stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316, according to the kind of destination area, and however on precise demand for the customer.

Accessories and fittings are also subject to a careful verification from our quality control unit.

Besides manufactured products of standard size, it is possible to construct ad hoc for the customer any tank of precise shapes and abilities in order to integrate itself in the personalized layout.