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The company owns strong tradition and enviable experience in the alimentary field, and particularly in the oenological one, which is constantly powered with the continuous technological innovation in engineering and also in production. Winemakers are constructed resuming the most ancient craftsmanships to vinify the grapes, in the utmost respect of the raw material.

The company plans and realizes custom-made winemakers of great reliability and equipped of an excellent finishing, thanks to the applied technologies and the use of high quality fittings and components, also subjects to careful verification by our quality control unit.

Our products are realized in stainless steel AISI 304/316 and they can be produced with external finish 2B, flowered, glossy BA or satined.

Welding is realized automatically by totally penetrated TIG (Argon), which successively are pickled, passivate, grinded and band brushed. The electrical on-board machine system is realized with the highest standard of quality in accordance to the the standards currently in force.

Moreover these winemakers are equipped of refrigeration interstices so that the fermentation is carried out to low temperatures, in order to conserve the best organoleptic properties of the original product, full of captivating fragrances and unforgettable flavours.